Asset Division

Matrimonial asset (property) division is one of the most contentious topics revolving around divorce or separation. The more assets that a married couple has, the more complex the case would be unless both parties have had come to an agreement on the division.


Matrimonial assets (property) division during separation or divorce

Equality of Matrimonial Assets

Prior to the new amendment of the Law Reform (Marriage & Divorce) Act 1976, if the matrimonial assets were acquired by the sole effort of one spouse, the court may divide the assets in such proportions as it thinks reasonable but in any case the spouse by whose the assets were acquired shall receive greater proportion. 

Moving Out During Divorce? Big Mistake!

Moving out from your matrimonial home because you can't take the stress or pain in the marriage? I must say that this is a big mistake that you should avoid. 

I do not advise my clients to move out prior or during divorce unless     

Disposal of Asset During Divorce

I've seen many people who had tried to dispose off their assets prior or during divorce, thinking that they are able to defeat the potential claim of their spouse towards the asset. 

However, they failed to realize that they are anyway accountable for such disposal of assets in which

Who Remains in the Matrimonial Home?

There is no hard & fast rule. Many men have the wrong perceptions that they must leave, or that the court / law will require them to leave. The questions of who stays and who leaves, are determined by numerous factors,

Property Co-owned with Siblings / Parents

Division of matrimonial properties may be very complicated in divorce proceedings. What complicates further is when a party claim that the Matrimonial Property is co-owned with his/her family. If the property is

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