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Our Approch on Assets Division
for Divorce or Judicial Separation in Malaysia


Areas of Expertise in Family Law


We Implement Unparalleled Cost-Effective Strategy

In Shang & Co. we approach assets division with an unparalleled strategy, giving our client tactical advantages. We have been helping individuals such as professionals, business owners, business executives, high net worth individuals, retirees, and even spouses without assets. We carefully implement strategies for our clients based on their backgrounds, financial history, and other factors to be determined by our partners.

Our esteemed legal team recognises every client's unique requirements and objectives regarding the division of assets during divorce or property settlement proceedings. To secure lasting financial advantages for our clients, we cooperate with distinguished experts in Malaysia or other legal jurisdictions.

Our Lawyers Extensive Experience and Qualification

Our Partners

Dato Chris Chin is being trusted by our clients in their results-oriented approach.


Dato Chris Chin, with qualification in Fintech (Harvard Business School), Real Estate Economics & Finance (London School of Economic & Political Science) is able to offer comprehensive advice with application of today's financial and real estate knowledge in the current fast changing world.​ Dato Chris Chin dedicated focus practice in family law and is having plenty of insightful experience in dealing with different professionals, authorities and bodies, offers our client analytic and comprehensive advice.

Dato Chris is devoted to provide our clients with long-term financial benefits due to extensive knowledge successful experience in handling complex assets division. When representing our clients, we apply not only our cutting-edge knowledge in Family Law but our experience and agility in adaptation to the fast changing world and sound financial knowledge that comprehends the law.

While our team of skillful lawyers are able to help our clients to achieve favorable results through negotiations and mediation, we are also vigorous and tenancious trial lawyers who will not hesitate to fight for our clients in court.

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Dato Chris Chin

Founder & Managing Partner



What You Need to Know About Assets Division in Malaysia?

What Assets Can Be Divided

Want to know more?


What Assets Are Subject to Division During Divorce or Judicial Separation?

Assets that are subject to division during divorce or judicial separation are assets acquired by husband and/or wife during the marriage which does not limit to only real estates properties such as residential or commercial buildings and lands but also cars, any investment accounts, cryptocurrencies, retirement funds, collectibles and businesses subject to certain circumstances being satisfied. Asset acquired by either husband or wife before marriage is subject to division if such asset had been substantially improved by both or the other spouse who did not acquire the property.​

Click here if you would like to know more if any assets are subject to division in divorce, you may contact us for a confidential consultation with our partners.

How Matrimonial Assets are Divided in Divorce or Judicial Separation Proceeding in Malaysia?

Matrimonial assets are usually divided equally (50/50 approach) between husband and wife as the Court shall incline to equality of division. However, by taking the following factors, the Court may decide whether or not equal division is appropriate:- 

  • the extent of the contributions made by each party in money, property, or work towards the acquiring of the assets or payment of expenses for the benefit of the family;

  • the extent of the contributions made by the other party who did not acquire the assets to the welfare of the family by looking after the home or caring for the family;

  • any debts owing by either party which were contracted for their joint benefit;

  • the needs of the minor children, if any, of the marriage,

  • the duration of the marriage.

Click here if you would like to know whether your matrimonial assets will be equally divided or not, you may contact us for a confidential consultation with our partners.

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Protect, Trace & Preserve 

Matrimonial Assets

Gain unparalled advantage in matrimonial assets division

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