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Financial Planning

After Divorce

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The new you

Well, if after the divorce proceeding you are living way better than you did during the marriage, then it is good for you but that does not mean you can run away from financial planning as there is so much more to plan than it was. However, if you are the unlucky ones, losing out and living a much humble life after divorce, then you will definitely need immediate attention to be given to your financial situation before you are dragged down further because you cannot afford to lose more than you did.

Income vs Expenses

We will be able to work out your post-divorce income & expenses so that you are able to adjust yourself comfortably to the new you after divorce. You will also be able to see how your lifestyle changes.

To check on your post-divorce income & expenses, speak with our lawyer.

Protect Yourself

Tell me, after the divorce what have you done? Did you make the necessary update for your plans? Did you create new plans to safeguard yourself and your assets? 

You have been through divorce, probably without a financial plan. You would not want to repeat the same mistake hence it is necessary for you to equip yourself with a sound plan.

Get on the track with us as we are able to offer you a protected sound financial plan with considerations from various legal perspectives by taking into account your post-divorce financial obligation and income (if any).


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