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Protect, Trace & Preserve Matrimonial Assets 

Protecting, preserving, and tracing assets are the most important aspects in dealing with assets division during divorce or judicial separation. However, this is often overlooked by many parties, including high-net-worth individuals or those involved in family businesses.


Protecting assets, tracing dissipated or undisclosed assets, and preserving assets, are complicated and are rarely applied by legal practitioners in Malaysia. This task demands sound legal knowledge in assets division, and civil procedures, and vast experience and practical understanding of complicated or high net-worth structured assets.

As a top family law firm, known to have been involved comprehensively in protecting, tracing, and preserving matrimonial assets, Shang & Co. can help you get the best possible result from the division of your matrimonial assets involving protecting or claiming assets in divorce or judicial separation. Our experience and elite lawyers have delivered many successful and favorable results for our clients without compromising.

What We Can Do For You?

Protect Your Assets Prior to Marriage

The best time to protect your assets against any unfortunate event such as divorce, without compromising the investment returns

Tracing Spouse's Assets

It is common to have no information about what your spouse owned. Tracing assets is a vital step to ensure a fair division of matrimonial assets.

Protect Your Assets Prior to Divorce Proceeding

Forsee a divorce proceeding? Get your assets protected with us to gain an advantage from the situation.

Preserve Your Spouse Assets

Knowing what your spouse owns but you have no control over the assets? We can help to preserve them.

Protecting Your Business From Divorce Proceeding

The last thing you want from your spouse in a divorce is to disrupt your business, affecting the members of the Company.

Injunction Against Dealing with Assets

Your spouse is in the midst of dissipating assets to third parties. We can help you to stop them in a very short period of time.

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