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Family Law 

We have been advising and representing international families with a connection to Malaysia in disputes of forum, divorce, separation, spousal maintenance, assets division, child abduction, child relocation, recovery order, enforcement and
restraining order.


International Family Law Firm in Malaysia

For International Families with Connection to Malaysia

Divorce, separation or family disputes may be daunting to many families especially those where the parties involved have connections with more than one country. The complexities that arise in dealing with international family law demands lawyers to possess not only comprehensive knowledge in the local family law but also the ability to comprehend the framework of family law in other jurisdictions.


In Shang & Co., we have extensive experience in advising and representing international families and married couples with connection to Malaysia, involving disputes of the forum of convenience, matrimonial (divorce or judicial separation), parental abduction, recovery of children, relocation of children, child support, custody and visitation, spousal support, restraining order, and enforcement of judgment or order.

Our dedicated and focused practice in International Family Law is well recognised internationally throughout the decade.

Who Needs an International Family Law Counsel?

If you are involved in disputes or needs advice in relation to family or matrimonial matters, you will need a lawyer who not only practices Family Law but International Family Law if:-

  • you are a Malaysian citizen married to a non-Malaysian;

  • your spouse is a Malaysian citizen but you are not;

  • you and your spouse are both Malaysian citizens but are not residing in Malaysia;

  • you and your spouse are not Malaysian citizens but are residing in Malaysia;

  • your children entered the jurisdiction of Malaysia; or

  • your matrimonial asset is located in Malaysia.

A lawyer who practices International Family Law in Malaysia is usually familiar with the issues arising out of the conflict of laws, involving foreign elements and at least a foreign country.

This would mean that a lawyer who practices International Family Law is usually well-versed with the local family law and also the effect and application of the law and legal system in other jurisdictions which may be applicable to you or your family.

Lawyers that practice International Family Law requires collaboration and experience in working with local and international lawyers, authorities and enforcement. As more than 1 country may be involved, there may be conflicting systems and laws which you will need to know prior to making a decision or determination as to which country you shall submit your jurisdiction to.

The specific issues with which a lawyer who practices International Family Law may provide include but are not limited to:-
i) determination or disputes of forum/jurisdiction;
ii) dissolution of marriage (divorce, separation, nullity);
iii) children custody & support;
iv) spouse support;
v) relocation of a child;
vi) international child abduction:
vii) enforcement of order or judgment.

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