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We are a passionate team of lawyers who put our clients' interest at the forefront at all times. With our extensive experience of focus practice in family and matrimonial law, labour law, commercial and complex litigation, we are ever ready to act as your trusted source for legal advice and professional representation.

Our lawyers — who are equipped with knowledge beyond the law and experience in extensive and in-depth areas of practice — are able to provide strong support to our individual, private and corporate clients in the fast-changing market.

Our experienced family lawyers in Malaysia are highly skilled in handling complex family and matrimonial legal matters. We prioritise quick, effective, and strategic solutions while providing cost-efficient legal services. With a broad spectrum of expertise and diverse practice areas within our firm, our team can offer guidance on intricate, multi-practice area cases beyond what specialised family law firms typically offer.

Our team of litigation lawyers in Malaysia specialises in resolving disputes through the Malaysia legal system. They are skilled in Malaysian law and help clients with various legal matters, including commercial and corporate disputes. The lawyers provide comprehensive legal advice to ensure favourable outcomes for their clients within Malaysia's legal framework.


Our experienced labour lawyers in Malaysia understand the pressure of employment disputes and handle cases efficiently and strategically. With expertise in various practice areas, we can provide cost-effective guidance on complex multi-practice area lawsuits, surpassing the capabilities of specialised employment law firms.

Our focus practice and successful strategies give our clients cutting-edge advantage as their goals are reached with cost-effective solutions.

Meet Shang & Co. Award-Winning Lawyers in Malaysia

Our Partners

Dato Chris.jpg

Dato Chris Chin Shang Yoon

Managing Partner

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Shayne Thum Weng Shen


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Regene Ng Ai Geik


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