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Dealing With Children Issues

In Shang & Co. we understand that Children's issues are sensitive and shall be dealt with compassion by giving the utmost priority to their welfare and safety as such priority is in line with the interest of our clients, the Children's Court, and the Family Court in Malaysia. We understand that many of our clients are coming to us in times of personal crisis. We also know that most of our clients want their issues resolved as they desire to obtain what is best for themselves and their children.


We have been helping parents in obtaining custody, maintenance, protection order, and visitation rights during divorce or even before the divorce takes place. We have also successfully represented children's relatives such as grandparents in obtaining orders in relation to children.

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Dato Chris Chin

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We understand that it is very important for most parents to obtain the custody rights of their children as they do not wish to part with their children. Custody of a child, whether legitimate or illegitimate, may be given not only to the parent of that child but also relatives or any other third parties in exceptional circumstances.


Visitation rights is a right given to a non-custodial parent. Such rights must be given careful thought to ensure conflicts and disputes between the parents are eliminated as much as possible. Visitation rights is not only confined to parents but relatives of the children as well. 


Children financial support, commonly known as children maintenance is a highly contentious matter between the parents. Such financial obligation may be imposed by the Court against the father and/or the mother. Hence, we deal with clients carefully on the issue of children maintenance to ensure that the children's needs are supported without compromising our client's financial position.


We prioritized children's safety and work hand-in-hand with the local authorities, bodies and enforcements including Interpol and other international authorities which include relocation of children, parental abduction, protection order against domestic violence and sexual offenses and other interim protection orders.

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Handbook on Family Law Practice in Malay

  By: Dato Chris & Dato Fion  

A complete hands-on guide with insights, procedures, and samples on family law practice to be used by judiciary, legal practitioners, students, or anyone who wants to know more about  Malaysia family law.

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