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Why is it important to have a pre or post-nuptial?


The most comprehensive way to safeguard your family in any unfortunate events


Handbook on Family Law Practice in Malaysia

by Dato Chris Chin & Dato Fion Wong

Downloadable E-forms in Word format 
Easy Reference & Customization

  • Contains critical analysis on difficult and conflicting legal topics and issues, including commentary of cases 

  • Clear guidance and detailed explanation on step-by-step procedures on family law practice 

  • Practical court forms with detailed notes and cross-references of cases and authorities to substantiate the content of the forms

  • Template court forms are provided in Bahasa Melayu which is
    the language used for the filing of documents in court

  • Explanatory notes on the usage of the templates are available in English

  • ​Discusses the interpretation and application of the Law Reform (Marriage & Divorce) 2017 with a cross-reference to the law in other jurisdictions.

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