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Focus-Practice in Family Law for More Than a Decade


How Can We Help You ?

Distinguished as some of Malaysia's foremost divorce attorneys, possessing substantial expertise in family law, financial matters, and a strong background in business, our legal team offers an unparalleled advantage to our clients in navigating the complexities of divorce proceedings, including joint petition for divorce in Malaysia, asset division, and courtroom negotiations.


Tracing, Detaining, Preserving & Dividing Matrimonial Assets


Before | During | After

Access, Adoption, Abduction, Appeal, Citizenship, Custody, Illegitimate, Enforcement, Variation 


Uncontested & Contested Divorce, Adultery, Desertion, Unreasonable Behaviour, Conversion to Islam

International Family

Involving international families in Malaysia jurisdiction, Parental Abduction, Recognition of Order, Domicile, Forum, Divorce


Before | During | After

Financial provisions for wife and children maintenance before, during and after divorce (variation or enforcement)

Domestic Violence

Protection for domestic violence victims for husband, wife, parent, children

Handbook on Family Law Practice in Malay

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Read This

A complete hands-on guide with insights, procedures, and samples on family law practice used by the judiciary, legal practitioners, students, or anyone who wants to know more about Malaysian family law.

  By: Dato Chris & Dato Fion  

Trusted Lawyers for Divorce and Family Law

Shang & Co. is one of Malaysia's most trusted family law firms and one of a few law firms in Malaysia that had dedicated more than 10 years exclusively to family and matrimonial law with skills and successful strategies for men and women in divorce and notably, assets tracing, preservation and division. Throughout the dedicated and focused practice, Shang & Co.'s Partners, Dato Chris Chin has advised and represented numerous individuals and families in Malaysia and other jurisdictions.

We are well recognized as top divorce lawyers and prominent leader in handling all types of family and matrimonial relations matters including high net worth divorce, closely held family businesses, preservation, tracing and division of assets situated in Malaysia and other jurisdictions, children (both legitimate and illegitimate) custody, maintenance, abductions, adoptions, wife maintenance, adultery claims and defence. 


Our highly skilled family & divorce lawyers have extensive backgrounds in finance and business considerations which deliver unrivaled advantages for our clients. Throughout our focus and exclusive family law and divorce practice, we have delivered unprecedented solutions and constantly executed successful strategies for our clients in claiming and defending various family law practices. Our team is well prepared to tackle the practical, financial, and legal challenges of divorce with relentless focus and unwavering dedication to our clients' needs and goals.


Our law firm in Malaysia worked actively with nationally recognized experts in business valuations, forensic accountants, real estate and personal property valuers, investigators, financial assessors, psychologists, and tax specialists.

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Focus Practice

in Family & Matrimonial Law

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