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What You Need to Know About

Court Proceeding

What is Case Management?
After a suit or application is filed in Court. The Court will fix a date for Case Management.
Case Management will be held from time to time for the court officer to track the
progress of the case. The lawyer representing the party will have to attend the Case
Management to update the Court on the status of the case. 

Client's attendance: Not required

What is Hearing?
Hearing is a session whereby the lawyers of all parties to the proceeding are to be present to make a submission or to present the case before a Judge whereby lawyers may argue on the facts and law. A hearing date is only arranged or fixed by Registrar (during Case Management) after the filing of all cause papers and submissions, 

Client's attendance: Not required, unless otherwise instructed.

What is Mediation?
Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution by the Court Mediator to resolve the
dispute between the parties and to assist the parties to negotiate a settlement. If settlement reached between the parties, the settlement terms will be recorded. Otherwise, the Judge will fixed a date for Trial

Client's attendance: Required

What is Trial?
A trial is a legal proceeding where the witnesses are to be examined in Court and documentary evidence are being tendered and marked. The facts and evidence of both parties are examined in the Court before the Judge to determine whether the parties entitled to their claim.

Client's attendance: Required when the Client is being called as Witness. Otherwise, client need not be present throughout the Trial.

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