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Family Financial Planning

In Marriage

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What is your plan?

You are in a marriage and probably think that you have had bought insurance that gives you good coverage but that is not the financial planning that I'm talking about. A distinction can be made between family financial planning and financial planning. Family financial planning refers to a plan that both husband and wife have for the family while financial planning is a plan of an individual for his/her own and their loved ones which only takes into account the goals and circumstances of that individual.

Set the goal

Marriage changes your financial situation and standing. There are many financial obligations that you and your spouse probably are bearing such as children's education, property loans etc.

Hence it is important that both you and your spouse or at least yourself should set goals, both short and long goals. By setting a financial goal, it is possible for you and your spouse to determine the spending & saving habit and investment plans. 

Plan for the worse

Having goals set is of course not enough. A family financial planning or a married individual financial planning has to foresee the worst. Having money in the bank is not a safe and sound plan to prepare yourself for the worst. 

It is not a taboo to think that the worst would befall on ourselves otherwise misfortune may come too sudden and would even cause much irreparable damage and losses.

Pen it down

In order to safeguard our clients from mishaps, we will be taking into considerations on our clients' background, assets value and perspective earnings together with his/her/their financial goals. We understand that each individual would have different priority in life hence we are committed to lay out a sound financial plan that is able to give the best protection to our clients in different circumstances, be it misfortune or fortunate ones.  

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