Assets Division in Divorce

You Deserve More than Just the Average Assets Division

What We Can Do

Our law firm is experienced in handling complex asset issues such as assets tracing and discovery, valuation, matrimonial asset division and property settlement in the most optimum way — after all, you deserve more than just the average assets division.

Prior Divorce

Preserve & Prevent Dissipation of Assets by Your Spouse

When your spouse has acted before you by disposing his or her assets, we will step in to prevent the disposal or to preserve the assets and the value.

Prior Divorce & After Divorce

Protect Your Assets Prior and After Divorce

It is always late to protect your assets during the divorce. We advise our clients to protect their assets even before the divorce takes place and it is always wise to safeguard them even after divorce for a smooth property settlement.

During Divorce

Discover and Trace Your Spouse's Assets

When you do not know what your spouse has or that you have discovered the dissipation of assets, we are able to discover and trace them.

"Asset Division comprise of more than just Family Law, it requires adaptation to the fast changing world and sound financial knowledge that comprehends the law."

Dato Fion Wong
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