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Bringing your business on LEAD Board

What is LEAD market?

LEAD (Leading Entrepreneur Accelerator Platform) is Third Market offered by Bursa Malaysia. LEAD is a new platform for SMEs to raise fund and to gain visibility.

Who is eligible?

Public company in Malaysia with a clearly identifiable core business.

Core business is defined as a business which provides the principal source of operating revenue or after-tax profit to a company which comprises the principal activities of the company and its subsidiaries.

Who is not suitable?

  • a subsidiary or holding company of a corporation currently listed on the Main Market or ACE Market of the Exchange and the listing of such applicant will result in the existing listed corporation within the group ceasing to have a separate autonomous business of its own and not be capable of sustaining its listing in the future; 

  • an investment holding corporation with no immediate or prospective business operations within its group;

  • an incubator (Technology incubator is only allowed admission to Main Board Listing)

Are you ready for LEAD Market?

Do you have all that is required?

  • business and operation including its future plans, historical financial information, and other corporate information

  • interest-conflict check

  • business compliance

  • group and/or shareholding structure

  • adequate internal control & risk management system

To Know More

Book a consultation session with our Managing Partner Dato Chris Chin


Dato Chris Chin

D.I.M.P, LL.M (University Malaya), CLP, LL.B (University of London), Dip in Business Studies, Registered Trade Mark Agent

Dato Chris Chin is the Managing Partner of Shang & Co. and during his 10 years experience in Corporate and Commercial Litigation, he has been advising and acting for various industries and fields of business, including start-ups in Malaysia, China, Indonesia and Iran. He is now the legal advisor for 

After completing his Master of Law in University of Malaya, he has continued to pursue Fintech with Harvard Business School to stay forefront in the future of finance and to be able to tackle transformative initiatives.

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