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Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) For Manufacturing Companies when the MCO partially lifted on 4th

Updated: May 30, 2021

Standard operating procedures (SOP) have been drawn up for the services industry to prevent the spread of Covid-19, where there were conditions for companies includes the Manufacturing industries to adhere to as they slowly re-opened. However, on 3rd of May 2020, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Pulau Pinang, Kedah, Kelatan, Sabah and Sarawak have opted not to implement the conditional MCO. As such, all the standard operating procedures (SOPs) under the MCO still apply, and businesses and the various economic sectors in those states will stay closed until May 12.

What are the operation hours for the manufacturing companies?

The Company will be allowed to operate 24 hours according to shift rotation however visitors hours are between 8.00 am to 5.30pm only. Visitors upon arrival at the premises / factory should wear a face mask and undergo a body temperature check at the premises / factory entrance.

How about the workers capacity?

Workers capacity for manufacturing Companies is 100 % but the Company must strictly adhere to Covid-19 preventive measures as issued by Ministry of Health at all times.

Does that means the construction site or factory are allowed to operate with a large number of workers?

No. the number of workers at the construction site should be adjusted to allow for social/safe distancing.

Whether the workers will be inspected before they can enter the construction site?

Yes. Companies must provide thermal scanner and measure symptoms of cough, sore throat or shortness of breath every day at entrance of the factory premises. Appointed safety and health officers must make sure this practice is done on a basis. If the body temperature reading is 37.5° Celsius or more, or has symptoms, the employee is not allowed to enter the company's premises and the company must refer the employee (must wear a mask) to the nearby Panel Clinic or Health Clinic.

How the company can ensure social distance is followed by the employees during the working hours?any guidelines?

The company can adopt some of the following steps to encourage social distancing:-

a. job scheduling, distribution of workers in sequence;

b. encourage a home-based working system for employees who are not involved in site activities.

c. conduct virtual meetings

Are companies allowed to provide transportation to the employees?

Yes. Companies may provide transport vehicles for the movement of workers by enforcing social/safe distancing and vehicles used should be disinfected every time they are used. Further, the company must ensure that the employee's vehicle undergoes a sanitation and disinfection process before use.

Whether workers' movements need to be monitored?

Yes. Company is required to monitor the movement of workers to be restricted from their house to construction sites only.. Employees vehicles provided by the company are not allowed to cross the border / zone and are only allowed to transport workers within the area / zone only.

Does the company need to provide face mask and sanitizer to the employees?

Yes. The company must provide hand sanitizer at the entrance, all common areas and other related places within the plant / premises, as well as use face masks by every employee. Companies need to practice social distancing on the premises.The company must conduct a disinfection/sanitation process at the factory / premises at all times before shift or operation begins in accordance with the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

How the cafeteria/canteen will be operate?

The cafeteria/canteen on the premises of the company is only allowed to operate for the purpose of providing packed food by food operators who should cover nose, mouth and wearing gloves ensuring social safe distancing. Buffet and served meals are not allowed. Lunch time needs to be arranged in stages.

Will the materials / supplies to the construction site need to be inspected?

Yes. The company need to record every ingredient / supply that goes into the construction site for the safety and record purpose.

Who is not allowed to attend at the construction site?

In the event of any employee being under the supervision of the MOH (a person under investigation) or under quarantine at home, such employees are not allowed to come to work and have to go through a period of separation set by the MOH.


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