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What is Trial?
A trial is a legal proceeding where the witnesses of the case are to be examined in Court and documentary evidence is being tendered and marked. (Take note that any documentary evidences not marked may not be usesd during submission).

The first witness to be called is usually the Petitioner him/her self. His or her Witness Statement (which is prepared prior to Trial with knowledge of the Petitioner) is read or confirmed in Court. This stage is called Examination-in-Chief.

Then the opponent's lawyer would examine the Petitioner or the witness by asking questions with the aim to create contradiction or bring any facts favourable to the opponent through the witness and the opponent lawyer may refer to any of the documentary evidences. This stage is known as Cross-Examination.

The other lawyer may, after opponent's lawyer completed cross-examination, if he/she thinks necessary, re-examine his/her witness (Re-examination) but confined to the explanation of matters arising in cross-examination only.

Client's attendance: Required when the Client is being called as Witness. Otherwise, client need not be present throughout the Trial.

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