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Family Financial



Family financial planning is a unique service we offer for clients before marriage, after marriage, during a divorce or after divorce for the benefits of the family even in unpredictable circumstances

Do you have a sound plan?

Before Marriage



It is advisable for couples to think about making family financial plans even before marriage to ensure that they address future circumstances i.e. death, divorce, bankrupt etc. for themselves and also their future children. By doing so they are able to avoid any financial disagreement, which is one of the increasing factors that lead to divorce.


It is very important for married couples to have a sound and comprehensive financial plan to avoid any unforeseen circumstances which may cause great adverse impact on the family especially children. With proper family financial planning, married couples would share the same financial goals which help to build happy marriage.




Divorce may be stressful especially if there one does not have a sound financial plan in prior divorce. Hence it is very important to draw a plan at this point of time to achieve a sound settlement that will not haunt you even after divorce because you cannot afford any regret in the future. 

During Divorce



If you have faced a divorce, it is important for you to have a financial plan so that you are able to pay wife or children maintenance, loans, or any other financial liabilities without affecting your new chapter of life. You would not want to commit the same financial mistake that you had. So, start planning.

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After Divorce
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