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The Unprepared Divorce

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

What do I mean by the 'Unprepared Divorce'? It is simply a decision to file a divorce in court or to commence a negotiation for divorce terms without a proper plan and strategy in mind. A sound plan for divorce is a plan that is curated in accordance with your situation, and protection is conferred for every aspect that you want to protect, and that plan is able to predict the blow from the other side but has a plan well-devised to absorb the blow.

Many couples did not know that there is a preparation to be done prior to filing papers or negotiating divorce terms. This would mean that if the divorce negotiation fails, then they are left with no way out but to file papers and if the preparation is to be done at this stage, well, things are not as perfect as it would be but not as bad as filing for divorce without preparation.

Why is Unprepared Divorce Bad?

  1. You do not know about your vulnerable exposure. It is very usual to witness the other spouse, not knowing that their financial position, their secrets, and other prospects are exposed and got hold by their spouse, who had prepared for a divorce. The information and documents .elevate their legal position in a divorce proceeding and will usually be used against the other party.

  2. You failed to protect your valuable Assets Assets protection is important to ensure that you won't lose everything during the divorce proceeding or at least not subject to unwanted restraining orders. That doesn't mean that you are allowed to dispose of or transfer your assets. That's just something too superficial and will be exposed during the proceedings.

  3. You failed to plan for your living. Be it, husband or wife, if you failed to have proper financial planning prior to initiating a divorce, you can expect to spend money in the most inappropriate way for unforeseen circumstances which can be prevented if you have had an effective plan.

So, if you do not have a proper plan for divorce, then most likely, you'll be caught off-guard by your spouse who had prepared his/her case much earlier with the necessary evidence and witnesses, and the best way out from the disadvantage position? Out-of-court settlement but, be prepared to lose more than what you expected to.



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